B0015 Perfect Fit Systemen
  • B0015 Perfect Fit Systemen

B-collectie B0015 perfect fit systems

The PerfectFit system is the solution for frames where drilling and screwing are not allowed. Do you have aluminum, plastic or wooden frames where the glass is mounted with rubber? The PerfectFit system then offers a solution for mounting your blinds, horizontal blinds in 16 or 25 mm, pleated or duet blinds.

Almost every window and every door that is made of double glazing has the possibility to use the PerfectFit system. The mounting clips are placed between the glass and the rubber and the frame with window decoration is clicked on these clips. The frame is partly over the front of the frame and gives an extra seal on the sides of your window decoration.

This product isn't available online, if interested please contact us with the button below.

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B0015 perfect fit systems

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B-collectie B0015 perfect fit systems




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