Flakes Barstool
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Piiroinen FLAKES barstool

The FLAKES chair was first designed for the new art museum in Ã…rhus in Denmark; it is made of translucent fibreglass. Thanks to its elegant design and inspiring materials, the tables and chairs of this collection are of interest to interior designers of public spaces all around the world.

The fibreglass seat and tabletop can be made as a translucent, single colour or with a Marimekko or Moomin design. In addition, the furniture can be customised with the customer’s own graphics. The chair can also be fully upholstered.

In addition to their actual function, the adaptability of their external appearance allows the furniture to be used as individual interior design elements in different types of spaces.

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FLAKES barstool

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Piiroinen FLAKES barstool




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