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  • Oree set 02 c84190a1aa77acd067570de1f99e57f8
  • Oree Im02

Okamura OREE meeting table

New in the collection of 2021

OREE signifies a point that infuses simplicity and strength while drawing inspiration from Japanese origami.

Origami Design With origins in Japan, origami art combines defined shapes and edges, to bring forth artistic structures. Fusing Okamura ’s skilled sheet metal technology with folds of thin sheet metal creates a beautiful and strong foundation.

Suitable as a base for your inspirations, OREE is crafted with a unique range of configurations to choose from.

Your work environment deserves a personal touch. OREE comes in a wide array of high-quality materials and colors to complement your own unique space.

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OREE meeting table

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Okamura OREE meeting table




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