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Arktis PINO table

The Pino table offers a clever solution if you are looking for stackable furniture. In use the table looks like a normal four-legged table. However, when needed, two legs can be moved so that it can be stacked. This is made possible with a frame, to which two legs are attached with hinges. The legs can be turned by releasing the latches on the legs and removing them. The mechanism means that the tables in use can be covered with tablecloths or simply placed beside each other, without any gaps between them. When needed, they can be stacked and transported away.

For transport purpose, it is possible to equip some of the tables with strong castors and then stack other tables on top of them. Also, smaller rolls can be attached to two legs for the easy movement of an individual table. A table trolley is also available.

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PINO table

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Arktis PINO table




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