Plimode Conference Chair
Okamura Pl Imode Conference Chair
  • Plimode Conference Chair
  • Okamura Pl Imode Conference Chair

Okamura PLIMODE conference chair

Plimode is like a custom-tailored suit made by a master craftspersonattention goes into every stitch, every detail, every fit, and every finish. Not only does it fit as comfortably as bespoke tailored suiting, the cloth on the back rest and seat have been painstakingly applied to ensure there are no gaps, divides, or creases. It is a work of engineered office comfort 70 years in the making with every bit of the craftsmanship and design the house of Okamura has to offer.Every bit of technology at our disposal has gone into the design and comfort of Plimode. Our advanced resin molding techniques have produced arm rests with a modern, streamlined curve. The reclining mechanism has been simplified into a clean, modern, minimalist design. Under the seat, you'll find a compact control cluster. Technology and ingenuity woven together in unprecedented quality.

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  • SCS IAQ IAG Furniture 1 CG 1
  • Red Dot 2015 44Ed0Dfe7D9Ebf2Fdfd4B1F8Ce8D01Ba 644X460
  • Type G
  • Unternhemen News Universal Design Award 3
PLIMODE conference chair

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Okamura PLIMODE conference chair




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