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VDL Safe Standing Seats

Safestanding has become increasingly popular both in the Netherlands and abroad in recent years. The most enthusiastic supporters of a club prefer to experience the matches standing and as a club you naturally want this to happen as safely as possible.

The rail seat of [email protected] is the ideal way to provide your grandstand with safestanding. The fact that it is a completely steel grandstand chair makes this chair very rude proof. In addition, due to the steel rail that is incorporated at the top of the product, the rail seat is very suitable for use as fall protection. The combination of fall protection, the integrated seat and the fact that the rail seat is made entirely of steel makes this the ideal product for safestanding. In addition, the [email protected] rail seat fully complies with all regulations that both the KNVB, FIFA and UEFA have created for safestanding.

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Safe Standing Seats

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VDL Safe Standing Seats




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