Alku I Leg Base
Alku 01 Cropped
  • Alku I Leg Base
  • Alku 01 Cropped

Martela ALKU I-leg base

The Alku desk is a fresh-looking desk for offices and homes. Desktops are available in different sizes.

The goal of the designer, Iiro Viljanen, was to create a structure that would be as simple as possible. The ingenious details include a mechanism for height adjustment, which in most desks is usually covered. In the Alku desks, it is so graceful that it has been left visible for added character.

The Alku series of tables offer a solution for more efficient use of space and activities in activity based offices. The series of tables has a simple look and it offers dozens of alternatives for various use.

Eco Alku tables with swan label available for limited size and material variations.

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  • Eco Label 253Abc3F17Aff3C455121Bd672Caf45E
  • Mobelfakta 253Abc3F17Aff3C455121Bd672Caf45E
ALKU I-leg base

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Martela ALKU I-leg base




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