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Arktis KANTO

The Kanto collection consists of seat and table modules of different heights. The natural and finished look is comprised of the form pressed frames and elegant upholstery.

The Kanto collection takes into account different users by offering various seat heights according to the users’ statures and preferences. In addition to the form pressed seats, there is an option of only the upholstered cushion for casual, low sitting. All together Kanto is available in six seat heights.

The naturally occurring, easily recognizable honeycomb shape combined with wood creates a collected visual appearance to the Kanto collection. The shape of the modules and the rhythm of different heights enable the construction of of visually interesting compositions. Kanto is a versatile collection suitable for spatial design, which can be placed in either small or large spaces with ease.

The Kanto modules are available in birch, oak and ash frames, varnished and stained. The upholstery can be modified according to the spatial design.

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Arktis KANTO




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