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Vitra PHYSIX conference

Physix Conference provides dynamic seating and lasting comfort, even without the mechanical adjustment options of the Physix office chair, thanks to its flexible seat frame and elastic textile cover in knit or woven fabric. The chair is an excellent choice for conference and meeting areas in which understated elegance is the key image.

The structure of Physix is based on the idea of creating a continuous seat shell by stretching a single textile panel between two side members. With its design, the chair assumes its place in a long line of iconic chairs while taking the typology to yet another level. Using state-of-the-art materials and production technology, Alberto Meda orchestrates an interplay of three elements to create a new dynamic sitting experience: a flexible frame construction, an elastic cover and a stabilising…

Designed by Alberto Meda 2014

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PHYSIX conference

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Vitra PHYSIX conference




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