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Arktis VINO - part of a modular system

VINO┬┤s playful forms enable the creation of individual interiors in lounge areas. The idea behind the forms of the VINO modules is the ergonomic requirements of people of different sizes. The variable depth of the seat ensures the highest comfort for every individual, no matter what the size. VINO furniture brings warmth to any space, thanks to its wooden frame. The standard wood materials are oak and ash. The finished details of the wooden frame give a sophisticated and light look to a lounge area. The full and clearly shaped upholstery parts invite you to take a seat. VINO is a perfect choice for lounges.

VINO is available in three asymmetric forms and additionally as a corner piece. Each form has a seat with or without a backrest and a table. The upholstery fabric can be chosen according to the complete interior plan. The seating modules and table feature oak and ash as standard material. On request, the VINO modules can be equipped with a linking device. You can strengthen the mood with VINO and use different tones in each module, or even in just one module. The only limit is your imagination gives you limits.

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VINO - part of a modular system

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Arktis VINO - part of a modular system




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